Project Renewal

Struggling with an older project? Continuously fighting bugs that keep appearing and re-appearing? Or do you just need to migrate to a newer platform and do you want do it safely?

I love these types of projects and have built up experience to help you go through this process smoothly.

Legacy Code Services

I can help you improve the quality of your legacy project and reduce the amount of technical debt in the code.

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Speaking & Coaching

Looking for a speaker on legacy code, technical debt, refactoring and automated tests? Or someone to coach the team?

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What Others Say

“With a broad view on complex workflows, Peter keeps his head cool. He works toward a solution for the customer while increasing product stability and fixing technical debt. With an eye for detail and a finishing touch. Anticipative colleague and a joy to work with.”

— Lode Waelbers, OneWelcome (Thales)

“Working alongside Peter was a great experience! From the start he impressed me with his analytical skills, his testing experience, and the ability to get things done regardless of complexity.

His troubleshooting skills helped us out a lot in situations where I know a lot of other experienced developers would have struggled. Having Peter in our team gave us all the assurance and confidence of knowing that if we couldn’t figure something out, Peter probably could.

Technical skills aside, Peter is also fun to work with, responsible, engaging and a great team player. He takes initiative and pro-actively tries to improve things for everyone. Great guy.”

— Elias Serneels, OneWelcome (Thales)

“It was a privilege to work with Peter.
He was the driving force on the stability of the products we built. The result of that was that we could do continuous deployments comfortably and with trust. If there ever were production issues, he had a hands-on approach on fixing them with a great feeling of responsibility. He could put everyone at ease while he calmly fixed production and made sure we never ran into the issue again. Any team which will have Peter in it, would benefit from it.”

— Dirk Stals, OneWelcome (Thales)

“Working with Peter on an in-house legacy software stack refresh was a joy.
The collaboration with Peter was fluent. He was prompt to react to and fix the inevitable issues that popped up during the migration period.

He definitely took the worry of a massive code refactoring effort away from us.
Things run smoothly now, and we’re up-to-date on our stack.

I thoroughly recommend Peter for your legacy and other projects.”

— Serge Franchois, Foodpairing

“The work was done in an autonomous way while still keeping in sync. […] Peter acted as a true partner in the success of the project. This was exactly what we needed. […] The service was a fantastic value.  It would be extremely rare to find the quality and calibur of work for the price. […]  I would recommend Peter’s work to other small organizations who are in need of fine tuning or upgrading their legacy web applications. He produced high quality results with little need to actively manage the work.”

— Phil Vuollet, AccuRadio

“Peter is not afraid to get his hands dirty on legacy, code striving for quality and robustness throughout the whole codebase.”

— Andries Van Humbeeck, Scaled Access

“Peter manages to continuously improve the code bases he is working on.”

— Thomas Nys, Foodpairing

“Peter is able to adjust his vocabulary to his audience, even the most non-technical person grasps the point he is trying to make. His calm nature enables him to defuse heated discussions, making him extremely productive in meetings.”

— Dries Robberechts, Foodpairing