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The TIOBE Index: Is Visual Basic .NET Dead?

The TIOBE index is an index that rates the popularity of programming languages. It recently created a bit of a hubbub when it listed Visual Basic .NET on the fifth position. This was a step up from the sixth position in June 2018. This is in contrast to the perception and gut feeling of many programmers out there. However, there can be several explanations to this phenomenon. But there are also some concerns with the TIOBE index. And should we even care? The TIOBE index I recently tweeted this (partial) graph of the TIOBE index: The…

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Legacy Technology Examples

I've previously answered a specific question about whether or not .NET 4.6.2 is legacy technology. Let's broaden the scope and have a look at some examples of legacy technology. This will allow us to distill some common properties of why certain technology can be regarded as legacy technology, and what our options are. Some Specific Examples Creating a full list of legacy technology would be an impossible task. We could list hardware, operating systems, code libraries, applications, and services across a variety of eco-systems. The list would be endless. But here are some well-known examples of what…


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