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When Should A Startup Refactor?

If you're working at a startup, chances are things need to go very fast. Faster than business that have a steady income. A product needs to get out the door as fast as possible, so it can be OK to incur some technical debt and create legacy code. But when do you start to clean up the technical mess that is the result? Don't Wait Too Long Industry experts agree on the fact that technical debt and legacy code will slow you down in the long run. In fact, many believe that it already starts to slow…

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How Much Refactoring Should I Be Doing?

So you have a working piece of software but you know the quality needs to improve. The team might be saying alarming things like "we need to rewrite this entirely." Should you halt feature development for weeks or months? Probably not. Keep Producing Features Features are what makes your product attractive to your customers. It's why they choose your product in the first place. And hopefully, it's why they're paying you as well. So stopping the development of new and requested features isn't a decision taken lightly. Some companies have done so, and successfully. A notable example…


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