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Real Question: Which UI Tech for Personal Tools

I recently received an email from reader Don Potts, asking which UI technology to use for a pet project on Windows. As usual, the answer is "it depends". But the decision isn't as hard as that answer makes it seem. And the rationale used for a pet project can be extended to business projects. The Project The question is a reaction to an article I wrote for the SubMain blog on WinForms. It's geared towards developers, but the core of it is that WinForms can still be a good option for projects, even though the arguments in…

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When Not to Refactor

There are cases where it makes sense not to touch a legacy codebase with lots of technical debt. Unlike real debt that must always be repaid, technical debt doesn't always need to be. But the use cases are more exception than rule. No Need For Change A piece of software that runs fine without the need for any change can be left to run just fine. If there are no (blocking) bugs, there is still support for the platform, maybe you're monitoring it closely and all is OK, then you have little business reason to touch it.…


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