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Backward Compatibility in Software Development: What and Why

Backward compatibility in software development is an important concept that is often overlooked, especially in legacy systems. This leads to stressful software updates and regression bugs. But it's usually not so difficult to avoid these horror scenarios. What If you're unfamiliar with the concept, backward compatibility means making sure a new version of software keeps working with the current version of an external system. Backward compatibility is important when you're going to update your software. In this day and age, it's very likely that your software integrates with other systems like a database or a service from…

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New Bugs on Every Release?

Are you afraid of your next software release? Were the previous releases plagued by bugs? Even for features that worked previously? There are ways to avoid this, but they're often counter-intuitive. Let's look at what causes these bugs, and how we can break out of this destructive cycle. Regression Bugs What you're experiencing are regression bugs. These are bugs in pieces of the software that weren't there previously. The cause can be anything from code that has been changed to a system upgrade. If this is happening continuously, this is very frustrating for everyone involved: users, developers…


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