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Timed vs Scoped Releases

I want to add one more thought to my previous post on how to achieve weekly (or faster) releases. It's about the difference between timed releases and scoped releases. A Little Background You can read my previous post, but to summarize: a client of mine went from irregular releases that had a specific scope to weekly releases without a predefined scope. Whichever feature or change is done makes it into the release. If something isn't finished, it's not a big deal because there is a new release next week. Scoped Releases A scoped release is simply where…

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How to Achieve a Weekly (Or Faster) Software Release Cycle

A client of mine started out with random ad-hoc releases with frequent regression bugs and moved successfully towards weekly releases. Here are the main points that helped us achieve this. The Previous Situation Previously, a developer would finish some feature and mark the issue or ticket as "Done." But it was usually a mystery when the feature would make it to the next stage, let alone production. This was mildly frustrating because the developer wouldn't know for sure if the feature worked as desired. When it was time to deploy to a stage, the project manager would…


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