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Categories of Technical Debt

There are many ways of categorizing technical debt. Here is just one way. I divide technical debt along two axes: intentional vs unintentional and known vs unknown. And I'll briefly mention a fifth category that doesn't fit well with these axes. Intentional Technical Debt Technical debt can be a conscious decision, like a real loan. It can make sense to incur technical debt. For example, if you need to find out if a certain feature will be used and is worth developing further. In that case, you might want to implement a minimal version quickly, to measure…

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Monitoring Legacy Applications

So you have a legacy application with quite some technical debt? But you've started turning the ship around and the situation is improving, right? If you're planning on increasing the release cadence, you'd better start monitoring your application. What Is Monitoring? Monitoring is the practice of setting up an automated system that keeps an eye on the health of your application. This ranges from error rates over response codes (for web applications) to performance metrics. Basically any metric that can be measured and is relevant for you. Why Should I Monitor? Software is complicated and you can…


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