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The Multiteam Monolith

The monolith is an architectural pattern where the software application consists of a single executable that is deployed as a whole. It can be difficult to work with when it is being maintained by a single team. But matters worsen if it is managed by multiple teams. Here's why. How Monoliths Grow When a company starts a software product, it usually is a single application. Especially when things need to move fast and there isn't a lot of time for architectural concerns. That doesn't have to be a problem. The application is small and can be supported…


Running Locally

Many legacy applications are difficult to run locally, on the developer's machine. I always recommend teams make it possible to run their code locally. After automated tests, it's a powerful enabler for developers to improve the code quality. Here's why. Working Offline In the past, internet connections weren't always reliable or, when commuting, not available at all. Which was why being able to run your application offline was important. This reason has become a bit outdated, with the increased reliability of networks, mobile phone hotspots and free wifi in so many locations. However, it's still very frustrating…


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