What Does A Well-Factored Monolith Look Like?

Microservices are very popular right now, because supposedly, they allow you to develop, deploy and maintain them separately. It allows you to keep a clean architecture and avoid coupling. A contrasting opinion is that a monolith can do these as well, and remains simpler to deploy and support. But it should be a well-factored monolith. But not many people really tell you what that looks like. Let's do the exercise of thinking what a well-factored monolith would look like. Note: if you're unfamiliar with these architectural patterns and want to learn more, I have a LinkedIn Learning…

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Code Inventory

Companies that handle physical goods usually want to keep their inventory to a minimum. As software developers, we should do the same. Physical Inventory Physical inventory is all the physical goods a company owns. Think buildings, computers, furniture, but also items they will sell, either directly or assembled. Product parts for example. Or food items that need to be shipped to shops. All these items amount to a certain value for the company. But there are also costs. Costs when buying them, but also costs maintaining and storing them. Costs when things perish (like food) or deteriorate…


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